I need some help making a tumblr page for my roleplay. It's been a while since i created a new roleplay. But how do i like customize labels.
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Do you mean page labels?

Hello! This is a really dumb question tbh! So i was going to apply for a rp, and they asked "age".. And i don't know if they mean my age or the characters age! Also, when i'm going to submit, do i have to use my personal tumblr account or can i just go anon and only use my email instead?
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They are asking for your real age. You can use either your tumblr or email

does answering inbox questions in character count as role playing?


I'm starting a role play blog, and I was wondering what tense should be used and what part of speech. I want to do present tense and first person, but I'm not sure if that's "allowed." Thanks :) xxx
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Journal posts should be in first person. Threads with others should be in 3rd person and present tense

so...you can't do an rp on your main blog? do you make a side-blog or sign up for tumblr again for a whole new blog?
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Sign up for tumblr again and create a separate account. You’ll be happy you did later¬†

So, this is my first time ever rping, but I think I already did it wrong. I made a page, but no character slots for anybody, as I want(ed) people to come in with their own characters, whomever they be. I also made an environment/setting already, though people are free to roam around and change the setting if they want. And my character's page is a little long ...did I do it wrong?
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No! You can invite players to create their own characters. You are fine!

Do you know of any Hana to Akuma roleplay blogs or groups??
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No. Any Hana to Akuma groups out there?

When i do a starter and i wanna talk to someone directly how do i tag them to the starter so that they get it and see it ?

Put this in the title bar - “@(characters name)”

Hi. So, I'm an admin and I'm with this huge problem with two players, they insist on breaking several rules of posting and now they passed to godmoding characters that don't exist or even relate to the plot. I really want to invite them out of the group, but ain't sure how should I approach them about it... Could you please help? I'd hate to be unpolite or have people thinking we kidded them out for no reason. I just really believe no rules shall be broken by any player.
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You should give the players warnings that they are breaking the rules of the group and if they don’t stop, you will be forced to remove them from the group. If they still don’t comply, you have every right to remove them.¬†

Thanks for the help :)

You’re welcome!